AuxalNet is always kept pace with changing technologies. AuxalNet has developed culture to learn and adopt latest technologies to deliver comprehencive and innovative solutions to various industry segments. AuxalNet regularly invites experts from the industry to give training or seminar on latest technologies and tools for their staff at all level. This benefits our clients significantly with our solutions by reducing development cycle and deploying quality solutions.

Smart Energy

  • Solar Energy
  • Installation of PV
  • Battery Storage Management Software


  • Home Automation
  • Industry Automation

Cloud based Applications

  • Scalability
  • High Availibility
  • Mobile Access


Telecom practice has core expertise in development of Network Management Systems, Element Management Systems, Craft User Interfaces, SNMP Agents and Embedded Software. The company has been providing telecom system development services using our framework to leading telecommunications equipment manufacturers and service providers in USA, Europe, Japan, China, Hong Kong and India since 2003. AuxalNet has delivered carrier-grade solutions that are deployed in large networks and has taken those systems through multiple releases. We understand real network behaviors and have the domain expertise to make the appropriate technology, design and tool choices when developing software solutions for leading telecommunications equipment manufacturers.

Our experience and expertise falls into many areas of technologies including:
  • Enterprise, Wired, Wireless, Transport, Core, Access and Edge
  • Service Elements and Servers
  • Operations, Management and Support Systems
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