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We provide component functionality and turnkey solutions for following industry verticals :

Industry & Home Automation
Internet Service Providers

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AuxalNet is a premier technology solutions company that specializes in designing & developing custom applications.

AuxalNet take various responsibilities in design, development and project management.

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Niyantras - HomiFi
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World Alarm Clock
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About Us


AuxalNet was founded in 2003 to provide next generation network management solution in enterprise and career grade products. AuxalNet offers wide range of software products and professional services to the global market.

The company has been providing services and framework to leading telecommunication companies in USA, Europe, Japan, China and India.Based in the India and presence in Silicon Valley, AuxalNet provides services in communications and distributed n-tier products and application developments.

With team of experts in Network Management and Distributed Computing with total experience of over 50 person-years, AuxalNet has provided solutions to various vendors in telecommunication and networking domains who are providing equipments and components to Fortune 500 companies.

The founders of the company are highly qualified software engineers who have been in the industry for more than 15 years. Since management team itself has worked on different software technology and at various levels in the software industry we have an edge in understanding your software needs and transforming them to clearly laid requirements, which helps in delivering quality product and service.

We are committed to provide high quality software products and solutions through our well-proven and mature Software Development Process based on Rational Unified Process.


AuxalNet is having it's Head Office in peaceful city of Vadodara, Gujarat, India. AuxalNet has dedicated broadband Internet connection from more than one ISP to this facility. Also, AuxalNet has VoIP line setup to this facility with USA local number.

The Team

AuxalNet has top management with over 15 years of experience in designing and developing robust, highly scalable network management systems.

Some of our core expertise is Network Management System (NMS), Element Management System (EMS), Craft User Interface (CLI), SNMP Agent Development and Embedded Software.

AuxalNet has 50 person-year of total experienced team of expert professional with core expertise in Java, J2EE, C++, CORBA and other distributed computing technologies like RMI. We develop software based on Distributed Computing and Object Oriented Technology.

AuxalNet has team of architects and technical managers whose strengths are Architecting and Designing winning large, complex NMS/EMS systems. Leading development teams to implement solutions in time/within budget and leveraging COTS products and frameworks to deliver right solution AuxalNet has successfully developed and deliver our solution based on range of platforms such as Windows Family of OS, Unix based OS, Linux etc. We have adopted Rational Unified Process for delivering software solutions.


AuxalNet is always kept pace with changing technologies. AuxalNet has developed culture to learn and adopt latest technologies to deliver comprehencive and innovative solutions to various industry segments. AuxalNet regularly invites experts from the industry to give training or seminar on latest technologies and tools for their staff at all level. This benefits our clients significantly with our solutions by reducing development cycle and deploying quality solutions.

Smart Energy

Solar Energy
Installation of PV
Battery Storage Management Software


Home Automation
Industry Automation

Cloud based Application

High Availibility
Mobile Access


Telecom practice has core expertise in development of Network Management Systems, Element Management Systems, Craft User Interfaces, SNMP Agents and Embedded Software. The company has been providing telecom system development services using our framework to leading telecommunications equipment manufacturers and service providers in USA, Europe, Japan, China, Hong Kong and India since 2003. AuxalNet has delivered carrier-grade solutions that are deployed in large networks and has taken those systems through multiple releases. We understand real network behaviors and have the domain expertise to make the appropriate technology, design and tool choices when developing software solutions for leading telecommunications equipment manufacturers.

Our experience and expertise falls into many areas of technologies including:

Enterprise, Wired, Wireless, Transport, Core, Access and Edge
Service Elements and Servers
Operations, Management and Support Systems

Our Products.

Check Out Our all the products here.

Our Services

AuxalNet’s professional services group is a group of well-trained skilled engineers, capable of providing solutions at different level of software development. Their solution is designed to meet client requirements. They take various responsibilities in design, development and project management. Based on service offered and location, we categorized the services into turnkey project, consulting or offshore staffing.

Turnkey Project Development

AuxalNet can offer either module development or a complete turnkey project development. AuxalNet takes complete responsibility in delivering optimal solution to the product development from concept to implementation. AuxalNet employs latest tools and technologies to deliver high degree of quality solution with cost effective and timely delivery.

Consulting Services

Having software development background, AuxalNet can screen, train and promote diverse group of engineers for client’s in-house needs. AuxalNet has team of well-trained, skilled and dynamic engineers which can be a part of existing development team of customers.

Offshore Staffing

AuxalNet is based in peaceful city of Baroda – western part (Gujarat) of India. Having presence in India – a leading country in software development, AuxalNet can help corporate to establish their offshore development centers in India. AuxalNet can also recruit or reassign their existing staff or open new division to support offshore development unit of their clients.

Our Customers

WebNMS 4.0, JDK 1.4.2
Anan Computing, Inc.
Customer Support Portal and Ticketing system offered as SaaS
Embedded Agent gathers equipment diagnostics automatically and uploads to Ticketing System
Besl Transfer Co.
Android based Applications
Nokia Windows Mobile Applications
Gemini Mobile Technologies
Multimedia Messaging Service Centre (MMSC)
3G Wireless Mobile
L-3 Communications
Fixed band wireless
Network Configuration, Provisioning and Monitoring
Meru Networks
Intelligent Wi-Fi Solutions
Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON)
Network Configuration, Provisioning and Monitoring

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  • +91-7777961965
  • 313 Alaknanda Commercial Complex,
    Akota-Munjmahuda Road,
    Vadodara 390020,
    Gujarat, India.